MTÜ Põllukultuuride klaster

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."
Haida indian proverb

Soil is regarded as non-renewable natural resource, because it can take years for fertile soil to develop. The given cluster has been created to find solutions to soil fertility, nutrient leaching, and the problem of crop protection product residue cumulating to the soil, which concerns a large number of agricultural enterprises involved in crop farming. The members of the cluster are progressive agricultural entrepreneurs in Estonia, who are interested in finding solutions to the aforementioned problems in collaboration with scientists, so that they could apply the received results at their enterprises later on and to share their experience with the others.


Name: MTÜ Põllukultuuride klaster
Address: Tammekäära talu, Lüüste küla, Vändra vald, Pärnumaa 87615
Phone: +372 53731509
E-mail: roosi.soosaar(at)
Contact person: Roosi Soosaar
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MTÜ Põllukultuuride klastri tegevused on rahastatud Euroopa Maaelu Arengu Põllumajandusfondist (EAFRD) ja Eesti maaelu arengukava (MAK) 2014–2020 Innovatsiooniklastri toetuse meetmest ning Euroopa Liidu teadusuuringute ja innovatsiooni programmist Horisont 2020. Toetuslepingu number on 817819.